Helping us help our community

As a foundation and a strong pillar for many artisans and entrepreneurs, Green Butterfly is constantly seeking ways to improve our market, as well as the well-being of our vendors when they come to participate in the Green Butterfly Market. 2 years ago we were fortunate enough to discover the (then) hidden gem in the city – the Department of Parks and Gardens, where we took the bold step to elevate the Green Butterfly Market to higher heights. The beautiful park has since benefitted from our partnership however there are a few challenges faced by the market especially during the rainy season which is fast approaching.

As part of taking steps towards securing our market during the rainy season, we are working on the gutters surrounding the park to avoid flooding, as well as building more secure “rain friendly” canopies/marquees. We will be launching a crowd funding campaign to help us build faster and to support our efforts to amend the infrastructure in the park. To support the Green Butterfly Market please visit this page to SUPPORT THE GREEN BUTTERFLY MARKET.

Any amount is welcome to help us reach our goal of continuing to have a sustainable event.

We look forward to seeing you at the next market on the 6th of April.